Best men’s cardigan of 2023: stylish knitwear that makes everything you wear cooler

Best men’s cardigan of 2023: stylish knitwear that makes everything you wear cooler

The best men’s cardigans have enduring, multi-generational appeal. What’s the one thing Arnold Palmer, Kurt Cobain and the young mob all agree on? Cardigans are so cool. Grab a light knit cardigan that will transform a boring old suit into your neatest three-piece suit. Throw out a big, weird pattern, and you instantly feel the chill of a man.

There are many options, from well under $100 to requiring more investment, to have a cardigan with your name on it. Maybe you’re still going for the minimalist trend, and this is a great opportunity to opt for solid colors and funky textures like cotton, merino wool, and buttery smooth cashmere that won’t overpower your understatement vibe. But if you want your fit to stand out as much as your personality, there are plenty of unabashed styles.

Whether you’re somewhere between these two extremes, the best cardigans will make anything you wear – whether it’s graphic tees and Dickies, or slim turtlenecks and pants – feel more thoughtful, more dignified, and cool. To help you reach that higher level of fit, we’ve compiled a list of winners – thank you very much, best men’s cardigans – to wear from now until the end of time.

Francesco Risso can best describe Marni’s vision with the brand’s consistently outstanding knits, which have been a fixture in NBA lane and fly-fit photos since the designer introduced them. While it may conjure up images of a certain ’90s grunge icon, its made-in-Italy pedigree is more suited to trendy nightlife than partying (but if you do decide to wear a white T-shirt and your best-on-a-body ripped jeans, we certainly won’t hold it against you). If you want a cardigan that feels as comfortable as it looks – and will get a knowing nod from the cowboy lover on the street – then this fuzzy mohair sweater is for you.

In the era of # Menswear 1.0, few items of clothing say as much about your commitment to quality fabric as a chunky cape-neck cardigan (and the weight of the fur-trimmed denim that goes with it). So if the mere sight of Drake’s thick woolly look makes you desperately repress the Steve McQueen image, calm down: more than a decade after Tumblr’s heyday, The cape-neck cardigan still feels like a menswear Mount Rushmore. Sure, this ribbed sweater costs as much as some outerwear, but it’s also one of the few cardigans you can bet on, and it’s still your go-to in a rotation of other styles.

We’re not sure when the worst sweaters on the market started looking like your aunt’s isolation knitting project, but we’re not complaining. The cardigans in the hallway are handmade in Peru, made from super premium cotton, and the patterns are inspired by the kind of old-fashioned blankets you remember crouching in during vacation visits to your aunt’s house. If you’re looking for a sweater that offers the comfort of a home-cooked meal with the swaddling power of a battered family Afghan sweater, this is the one.

We may be the fashion people’s bible, which means there are plenty of funky fit ideas out there, but we always lag behind the simple, tried and true pieces that lay the foundation of any wardrobe. If you need a basic function and form, Everlane goes through it again and again. The brand’s sweat-free cardigans don’t just look simple – the yarn (a blend of cotton and COOLMAX polyester) is specifically designed to keep the air moving, so you can stay cool, calm and (sartionally) collected. Ribbed knitting also adds a nice texture and is perfect for pairing with a simple white T-shirt or one of your more sophisticated dress shirts. Not all great things need to be complicated, let this cardigan remind you of that.

We love all kinds of cardigans – alpaca, cashmere, mohair, for God’s sake! But nothing beats the casual comfort of wool. J.Crew’s fabric is the same as the brand’s high-end line of undershirts, except that you can wear it over a crisp Oxford shirt to the office. You want to wear it while you watch “House of Dragons” for ten hours straight? Cool: This will be the most stylish 10 hours you’ll ever spend on the couch.

Remember when we told you beam Plus needed to be on your radar? This cardigan is why. This is the perfect distillation of American retro, through Japan’s response to J.Crew. In other words, it’s a vintage cardigan that looks like the kind of sweater a ’60s crooner would wear to sing the blues in a smoky jazz bar – but instead of rummaging through vintage bins for a similar version, you can buy it from your phone and it won’t burn with a cigarette.

Sometimes, you don’t need your cardigan to be warm enough to replace your coat or loud enough to be the focal point of your fit. Sometimes all you need is a crisp, quiet background player that can fit under a suit jacket and won’t make you sweat in the office. That’s the guy from the Lands. It’s made of fine cotton, comes in four pleasant neutral shades, and for $8 more, you can have it completely ready and monogrammed.

There’s nothing wrong with a simple cardigan in a solid color – see the example above! But you don’t have to make statements like Grandpa Simvastatin anymore. The phrase “classic and twisted” may be overused to the point of being meaningless in men’s fashion, but it does sum up Todd Snyder’s folksy appeal. Case in point: the brand’s cotton and hemp jacket, which has an airy feel and is light enough to maximize its layering, but it can also be used as a stand-alone coat on a cold spring morning or as a trendy mid-layer (hey, you never know) on a sudden snowy mid-June day.