Best ripped jeans for men

Ripped jeans and leather jacket suit

  We’ve all been there – you’ve been playing in the school playground, tripped, ripped your pants to shreds, and come home with your head down, only to be berated severely by your mother when she found out you ruined your “only pair of pants.” “But you don’t understand, Mom,” you plead, “ripped jeans are cool.”

  This is true to a certain extent. Not bloodstained tears in nylon folds, but elaborate RIPS in denim that have had a place in fashion since the 1970s and are initially associated with the grim punk rocker the Ramones.

  Ripped jeans have gone in and out of fashion since, but this decade’s revival means you don’t have to be a whiskey-soaked, leather-clad lip curler to pull it off. In fact, it’s now best to pair it with a more modest style and let it do the rock vibrato for you.

  ”The best way to wear ripped jeans is to pair them with a plain T-shirt or linen shirt and pair them with sneakers,” says Rebecca Languish, a stylist at River Island Style Studio. Or, if your weekend plans stretch into the evening, change into a pair of suede loafers for a smarter look. Pay attention to accessories, less is more — a classic belt will do.”

  Just because a plain white T-shirt is the best way, doesn’t mean it’s the only one, but it’s best to follow its simple message. “Remember not to make things complicated,” says Languish. “It’s a good idea to design clothes around denim so you don’t get it all wrong.”

  Before you wear ripped jeans, it’s worth remembering that not all ripped jeans are created equal. A scratch is a small scratch on the surface of the fabric, as small as an inch in size, while a silk mark is when the fabric has been torn, but the gap is still covered with wire, and at the end you can clearly see the hole.

  The rule of thumb is to make sure the hole is no wider than the leg underneath, as this can push your limbs out of the hole when you bend over. Hairy legs trying to climb out of their cowboy room is not a great look. To keep ripped jeans looking good, don’t tear them more than twice and a half times (one rip counts as half), as a long rip can be distracting.

  So, with all that out of the way, here are seven simple ripped jeans you can dress up.

  Back in the mid-1970s, the Ramones introduced classic punk uniforms by ripping Levi’s 501s and matching them with squeezed leather jackets. Leather and ripped denim have been punk uniforms of choice ever since.

  The key is contrast, so if you want to wear skinny jeans, go for a baggy jacket, and vice versa if you want to wear wide-legged jeans. Apply this contrast to the style of each piece as well. If leather has a shabby, vintage feel, look for a pair of jeans with only two RIPS to give it a nice look. Don’t mess up the look under your coat – a plain white T-shirt is great, or even a vintage band shirt if you want to pay a real tribute.

  Ripped jeans and leather jacket suit

  When the weather outside is scorching hot and your biker is sure to roast you alive, there’s always the trusty bomber jacket, an iconic menswear style that has been a key jacket in every man’s wardrobe since the 1920s, when it was worn by brave military pilots.

  In recent years, however, it has really taken off, surpassing the height of previous skyscrapers. Simple, stylish styles are easier to pull off than more ostentatious ones (think Ryan Gosling in Drive on the Run), and simple styles work well with more intricate ripped jeans. If you’re going for a bright satin finish like Gosling, go for a dark neutral — black, green, and gray all work well.


  Ripped jeans will always make you look casual, but pairing them with a shirt will make you look smarter. An Oxford button-up shirt is the all-purpose weapon in your menswear Arsenal, and it can be a powerful complement to the edgy style of jeans. Go for a bold color for the top, let the bottom swing, and remember the two-and-a-half layer rule if you want to stay in style.

  Double denim is also an option, no longer the sin it once was. Light wash denim is best for ripped jeans because the color contrast between fabric and rip is less harsh, so use different dark washes to separate parts of the outfit and keep it loose and relaxed – you don’t want denim sticking to your skin as if you were made of it. The same goes for a cotton button-up shirt – too tight and you risk looking like a Love Island reject.

  Nothing says “teen rebellion” like a hoodie paired with ripped jeans, although the hoodie has come a long way in the past five years. Baggy, oversized, logo-printed hoodies are a fashion no-no for anyone over 16 (and perhaps the Weekend), so opt for a slim-fitting hoodie in a pastel shade, while the zipper option works better with layering over a T-shirt than a jumper.

  If you want to look chic and luxurious in jeans with zippers, it’s best to opt for ripped jeans. Even the slimmest hoodie can look like a garbage bag if your pant legs are wide. Go for thinner or straight leg pants.


  Rest in peace the snoring, boring T-shirt and jeans combo and give it a makeover with you guessed it ripped jeans. There’s nothing simpler than a plain white T-shirt, and as we’ve said before, the key is not to overcomplicate things. The rip itself has enough attitude, so you really don’t need to be too fancy with the logo or pattern.

  The color of the shirt should at least match the color of the sneakers to perfectly match the men’s wear. Chelsea boots or loafers are great if you want to look good for the evening. Still got to get past the bodyguards.


  Ripped denim’s popularity plummeted after the Sunset Strip’s glam metal-rock bands took over from the punks in the ’80s. But the rap was saved by Kurt Cobain and other grunge bands, whose counterculture, fuck you dad spirit matched the message inherent to the scene. Another unofficial symbol of the movement is the plaid shirt, which is in much the same counterculture style as ripped jeans, so if you match them all, you’re in trouble.

  The jeans come in two styles, thinner jeans for a more rock ‘n’ roll feel, while wider legs for a more rugged lumberjack look. Complete the look with a flannel shirt over a contrasting plain T-shirt, and a pair of durable vintage sneakers (preferably skaters like Vans or Converse).


  When winter comes, we don turtlenecks and fleece pants, but there’s nothing more flamboyant in this inclement weather, but it still seems a little “safe.” However, by adding a few ripped jeans to your winter wardrobe, you have some of the best cut high and low pieces to go with your winter outerwear.

  When choosing a coat, artificial fabrics don’t work well in the rain, so stick with 100 percent wool or waxy cotton. Light-washed denim is best for ripped jeans, but the colors are darker in winter, so you can always update your denim. Also, don’t pair ripped jeans with a blazer, ripped jeans can ruin the whole look, well, look at the example of Cristiano Ronaldo to see why it doesn’t work.


  A jumper paired with ripped jeans can do much the same thing as a regular T-shirt, although it does add a touch of formality to this casual look. When it comes to fashion casual, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Yes, push your shoulders back and don’t slouch, but more importantly make sure shoes, jumpers and jeans are as clean as possible, and if there are lots of cracks and wrinkles at the bottom, turn them up.

  Also, jumpers are more aesthetically pleasing than t-shirts, which means you can experiment more with textures and patterns. Chunky, oversized sweaters in bold, vibrant colors work well with both slim denim and Chelsea boots, or a slim undershirt with a strong pattern or logo can easily pair with light-washed denim and work wonders with sandals or Converse high-tops.