Hole jeans guide | 2022 men

  Once upon a time, there was an unsung fashion hero who understood that just because his favorite jeans had a hole in their knees or a few scratches on their thighs, that didn’t mean he had to throw them away. And the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, men have worn ripped jeans to emulate punk bands, grunge superstars, and even their favorite rappers. However, there are a lot of ripped jeans on the market right now, and not all of them are great.

  In fact, ripped jeans are one of the easiest things to ruin, whether they’re beautifully hung on a shelf in a designer boutique or handmade. With that in mind, we’ve created some guidelines for you to follow the next time you try wearing denim.

  Here’s our breakdown of the types of holes that can appear in jeans:

  Pants with holes in them; Visible window through fabric.
Subrule A: The hole should not be wider than the leg. Also, they should be cut horizontally along the ankle for a better look.
Rule B: When standing, the hole should not exceed 1 inch. Sure, sitting exposes more knees or legs, but more than a few inches is dangerous. A tear is just a place where the fabric has been ripped, but the wires still fill in the gaps. Fraying is a small abrasion or scratch on the surface of the fabric, which should usually be between a dime and a quarter.

  The main problem with ripped jeans is that they wear out over time just like old pants. To avoid this, we recommend sticking to straight to slim jeans. By staying on the measuring side, you’ll guarantee that the rip in your jeans will look intentional and not the inadvertent error of the scissors.

  When buying ripped jeans, consider the size of the hole in the leg. You need a shoe with an opening no wider than ankle width. You don’t want everyone to know you’re kicking your legs. In addition to appearance, it has a practical use: if your legs can fit through holes, they will stick out every time you bend over.

  Once you’ve decided on this, you also have to assess where you want to rip, which is a matter of personal preference. Some shoes will have tears running all the way down the leg, while others will only have some slight wear and tear. Both options are acceptable. Once you’ve made these decisions, style becomes crucial.

  This is where most men go wrong. They know they want a worn pair of jeans, but end up buying or making a pair where everything is broken. There’s an important question you should ask yourself before you put on those tattered jeans. Simply put, are these cracks viable? In other words, if your man has a big hole sticking out of his thigh, you know something is wrong.

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