How to Wear a Shirt with Jeans (2023 Men’s Guide)

A man in a baggy shirt and jeans

  It’s funny how wearing a crisp shirt and jeans can drive your lady crazy.

  But don’t get too excited — you can’t just throw on something and look like Brad Pitt!

  If you wear it wrong, it can easily make you look mismatched and weird. To do this, you need to understand some basic concepts like fit, pleats, and shoes.

  People who can instantly distinguish themselves from polo sheep. Nothing is more attractive to a woman than a man dressed in white showing off his forearms and a perfectly styled watch.

  It’s not rocket science – you just need to know a few simple tricks.

  In today’s article, we will discuss this. Stick it out and you’ll find:

  What kind of jeans go with a shirt?

What kind of shirt goes with jeans?

How to create a stylish casual outfit

Can a shirt be tucked into jeans?

What shoes go with a shirt and jeans?

A man in a baggy shirt and jeans

There are different shapes, colors and sizes, and not all of them are suitable for buttoning.

  Imagine this outfit:

  A well-cut white open-necked Oxford shirt

Silver chronograph watch with brown leather strap

A brown belt with a silver buckle

Baggy ripped jeans and distressed black-and-gray designs

Brown Oxford Brogues

You don’t have to be a fashion expert to know that these colors can completely ruin an outfit.

  The reason? Their ill-fitting and fabric design.

  I can answer that question in one word — “straight cut.”

  Let me explain. Straight hair creates a timeless silhouette. They’re not too thin, they’re not too baggy.

  When you wear a button-down shirt, pay attention to the cut. Unless you’re wearing an oversized design, most people create a sharp silhouette that matches a tailored suit.

  So, when choosing your shoes, choosing a pair will have a similar effect:

  Baggy jeans – When you wear them with a shirt, you feel bloated

Skinny jeans – look tighter than a shirt and can make your torso fat.

Straight leg jeans — Best with shirts. Not too baggy, not too skinny.

Absolutely not.

  It’s as simple as that, gentlemen.

  The key to dressing down is to bridge the formal and informal style gap. The idea is to make you look presentable without pants or a suit.

  Chunky pants can cause a lot of problems when it comes to men’s style. But for this article, they are as follows:

  They contrast with the formality of a button-up shirt

They look so urban. Streetwear and tailoring don’t mix

Unless you’re in your early 20s, ripped jeans look weird on any guy

My advice? Choose dark, plain pumps. No RIPS, no contortions – just solid colors and a classic silhouette guide.


When it comes to choosing one with you, things get easier.

  In short, most will be used when the style is correct.

  The only exception is:

  French cuff

Wingtip collar


The front panel for the tuxedo

These features suggest that a should be worn only on the most formal occasions. Putting these together will make you look like a man who doesn’t understand the basics of men’s fashion.

  Regarding your colors, stick to the main colors of men’s wear:

  White – can be worn with any color of jeans

Light blue – Pair with medium or dark blue jeans

Light pink – can be worn with light blue and dark blue jeans

Pattern (plaid or stripe)- Judge by the above colors

A button-up shirt is a classic addition to any trendy casual outfit.

  However, there are other outfits you can add to the outfit to make it more complicated and interesting.

  Layers of knitwear, jackets and undershirts can elevate your stylish casual aesthetic and transform your outfit from plain to awesome.

  How is this.


When draped over a shirt, knitwear or sweater can add a stylish touch to a plain outfit.

  Pair it with a knitted cardigan and military boots for a classic winter outfit. Treat the cardigan like a blazer — buttoning it up while standing and unbuttoning it while sitting.


A blazer or blazer is the best way to enhance your buttons and the formality of your outfit without having to change into a suit.

  A blazer or blazer is the best option for men attending semi-formal events such as family gatherings, dinners or office barbecues. As with suits, pocket squares can enhance the formality of an outfit when necessary.

  However, I don’t recommend wearing a tie and buttoning it. The formality of a tie is out of proportion to most people.


  On the flip side of formal, undershirts are a great way to make buttons and outfits look more casual.

  When you’re wearing an undershirt, you can quickly unbutton it for a much more laid-back aesthetic. Pair it with crisp white sneakers for a classic family barbecue outfit.

  Remember to unbutton when you’re not doing it!

  Yes. In fact, with a lot of clothes, I recommend it.

  How you put it away depends on the purpose and form of your outfit.

  Do you wear casual clothes to work on casual days? Then you need to cover up and wear a pair of formal shoes.

  Did you wear yours when you played with your kids on the weekend? Then undo your sleeves and put on your sneakers. This situation requires functionality rather than form.

  Consider the following suitable situations:

  When you’re wearing a sport coat or a sport coat

In the work function

In a restaurant or a high-class occasion

Military seb is the best way to seb.

  While keeping buttons and combinations defined, you must not bulge at the waist.

  Military Tucker avoids this altogether. By folding the excess fabric and slipping it into your pants, you’ll eliminate the “spear tire” puffiness and make your waist look slimmer.

  Other folding methods include basic folding; However, it’s not as effective when it comes to avoiding a bloated waist.

  As with many of the questions in this dress guide, the answer depends on how formal you are.

  In short, you can wear them with 3 types of shoes:

  Sports shoes

Formal shoes

Leather boots

You must be careful when you wear button – up sneakers. Unless your sneakers are pure white and spotless, they will ruin your overall look.

  A basic rule is to avoid wearing bulky sneakers. Basketball shoes and any canvas products are prohibited. Stick to plain white leather sneakers and use as few brands as possible.

  The key to sneaker success is minimalism!

  Sneakers are a great option when etiquette isn’t an issue. When spending the weekend with family and friends, there’s a good chance that a pair of stylish men’s sneakers will be paired with a button-up shirt.


You can’t go wrong with a pair of Braddock Oxfords or Monk lace-ups when wearing a button-up shirt.

  However, you should pay attention to the color. Brown leather pairs better with blue and looks less formal.

  Just make sure your belt and strap match your shoes! Not wearing pants is no excuse for making a mistake with basic clothing!

  Warning: If you take your children to the park, don’t wear formal shoes. Sure, you’ll look great when you get there. But after a muddy ball game with the kids, those brogues aren’t as trendy as they used to be.

Leather boots are another great option, worn with both men and women. Depending on construction, boots are often durable and can withstand harsher conditions while still looking professional and stylish.

  Soft leather such as suede can also look great. Suede comes in many different colors, making it easier for a man to inject a little pizzazz into his outfit.

  The best boots to pair with jeans and a button-up shirt are:

  Chelsea Boots – chic and sharp. Perfect for formal occasions

Army boots – perfect for outdoor activities on grass

Desert boots — stylish and colorful.

That’s right, gentlemen. Wearing a button-up shirt in 2023 is a piece of cake. As long as you stick to the basics of menswear and pay attention to fit, fabric and function, you can’t go wrong.