The 13 Best Ripped Jeans for Men – the most popular styles for 2023

  Thanks to celebrities like Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and Justin Theroux, we have plenty of evidence and visual sources to make ripped jeans work – yes, even for regular people like you. Our key advice is to choose the “right” placement of pleats, fades and holes to prevent looking too tacky or boyish. We’ll explain more about that later.

  The best jeans have become an undeniable staple of the fashionable man’s wardrobe. Swapping out your usual worn jeans for vintage will instantly add personality to your outfit and allow you to bring out your inner bad boy – perfect for a rock concert, an art gallery date or a casual night out with your brothers.  

  We’re here to help you master the aesthetic and earn compliments wherever you go. Here are the best ripped jeans you can buy right away and wear forever.  



  We’re going straight to Levi’s, the king of American denim, widely considered the leading brand of affordable men’s jeans. The 512 Slim cone-fit jeans have long been a fan favorite due to their timeless design and universally flattering fit. Of all the appealing color schemes (we know you’re indecisive), we chose “dark indigo” because it’s the most versatile.

  The holes aren’t too big or noticeable, which makes these ripped jeans the perfect choice for beginners. This subtle chipping also works in casual workplaces — get ready to show it off at your next office happy hour. 

  Pair these classic Levi’s jeans with a clean polo shirt and a pair of white sneakers for a balanced, preppy look. Swap your polo shirt for a fun graphic T-shirt on the weekend for a lighter mood.

  Material: 79% cotton, 20% polyester, 1% elastic | color optional: eight second-hand options | size optional: 28 w – | for 42 w: taper | inside seam: 29-32″


  If you’re already a fan of the best old jeans, you know Amiri. If not, they’ve almost made ripped jeans a trend. This particular pair of shoes is a cult favorite, like Justin Bieber and Drake.

  We know, these look tight, but once you wear them, you understand the hype. Stretch denim makes them more comfortable than they look. We can no longer avoid it; These jeans are worth every penny (yes, the elephant in the room). What makes them so unique is the brand name stitching detail through the expertly placed tear peek. This is quite flexible. These jeans will instantly make you feel like a good buy.

  Material: 92% cotton, 6% Elastomultiester, 2% Elastane | colors available: blue | size available: 28 to 38 | fit: thin | inside seam: 34.”



  These are the best ripped jeans with slim fit, working everyday men who want unmatched versatility. We especially love L ‘Homme’s perfect cut, which feels more natural – New York fashionistas will love that. 

  Medium blue washed denim is perfect with a crisp white Oxford shirt or any other top you like. These jeans can be worn for most occasions — except for interviews and funerals.

  The best is always last. You wouldn’t plant any denim trees in your yard, but this denim is biodegradable. I told you these jeans look good on everything, including the environment.

  Material: 97% organic cotton, 3% Roica V550 | colors available: blue | size available: 28-42 | fit: cultivate one’s morality | inside seam: 32.5″


  Go big or go home. If you like wide-leg denim, these hand-me-down jeans from Celine Homme should be your go-to pair. Part of Hedi Slimane’s extreme collection, these best ripped jeans are baggy and over-the-top for nostalgic fashion lovers. 

  This style has the potential to make you a Linkin Park background dancer, but the right style will elevate the new and improved ’90s hip-hop vibe. Embrace the Y2K trend by pairing baggy ripped jeans with a vintage T-shirt or denim jacket.

  | | material: 100% cotton color: blue size: 28-34 | fit: wide leg seam in | : 33″


  If you TikTok, you’ll know Abercrombie & Fitch is cool again, and we’re quietly excited about it. Taking us back to the 21st century, these sporty skinny jeans will make you the coolest kid on the block.

  These jeans are designed for the perfect athletic figure – wider at the hips and thighs, but slimmer below the knee. Embrace your inner skateboard boy with these effortless and polished jeans. Pair them with your favorite vintage sneakers, such as Converse All Stars or plaid Vans loafers, for a calm, generic look.

  Material: 95% cotton, 4% polyester, 1% elastic | colors available: blue, white | size available: 26-40: | fit within the movement | sewing: 28-36″

  We know it’s hard to find the perfect blue denim that goes with everything and isn’t influenced by the seasons. Not too light, not too dark, these Coopever taper jeans are ideal for year-round wear. 

  The whole old look gives a relaxed feel that feels just right without looking like you’re trying too hard.

  Pair it with your favorite linen shirt and sandals for a summer beach date. Or slip on your favorite cozy sweater and get ready for your next holiday family feast. 

  Recycle material: 82%, 18% organic cotton | colors available: blue | size available: 27-38: | fit within the taper | sewing: 29.1″


  If you want to instantly create a stylish, relaxed look, black is the way to go. Vetements did it with their worn-out black jeans. You’ll feel like you stepped out of a magazine.

  These jeans aren’t stretchy, but wide-leg pants give you plenty of room to strut. You should note that these black jeans are slightly shorter, making them the best choice for showing off your best shoes. That’s probably why Mr. Porter pairs them with pretty white shoes and sweaters. It’s hard to argue with their advice on dress. Can anyone resist a hoodie and black jeans?

  | | fabric: 100% cotton color: black size: 28-34 | fit: bell mouth | inside seam: 37.8″



  If you’re going through a rebellious phase in your life (as we all do at some point), these punk ultra-skinny jeans from Cult of individualism are our pick for you. Fresh white paired with floral at the knees makes a bold fashion statement, in a good way.

  The Cult of individualism is best known for the tacky graffiti motifs on their outfits. Punk and cartoonish patterns may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but these best ripped jeans are more gentle and approachable for everyday men.

  The iconic “xx” logo on the back is subtle, but sure to adhere to the brand’s rebellious identity in unexpected locations. Pair these jeans with your favorite band T-shirt to lighten the mood. If you’re feeling bold, you can also go for an all-white look.

  Material: 98% cotton, 2% lycra | color optional: white | size optional: 29-44: | fit within the thin | sewing: 32″


  Truly stylish men know the value of gray jeans, and we’re not here to keep a check. They’re cooler than regular blue jeans and better for warm weather than dark jeans. These slim 3301 jeans from G-Star Raw are the perfect fit for your weekly wardrobe change.

  Made from stretch denim, these super comfortable, slim jeans hug you just right for the illusion of elongation. Sometimes an underrated gray denim is needed, with subtle pain rather than a gaping tear. These are the jeans.

  Material: 99% cotton, 1% elastic | colors available: grey | size available: 26-40 | fit: cultivate one’s morality | inside seam: 30-36″


  If you’re going to invest in a designer piece, then wear these slim old Saint Laurent jeans. Tears, RIPS and holes are minimal in this pale denim fabric, allowing you to wear the best ripped jeans while still looking good.

  The jeans were tailored, typical of Saint Laurent, and were very attractive with crisp white sneakers. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, take a page out of Mr Porter’s book and slip on a pair of Western-inspired boots. Either way, these sophisticated old men’s jeans will make you look more understated and manly.

  | | material: 100% cotton color: blue size: 27-36 | fit: cultivate one’s morality | inside seam: 34″


  Do you think the best ripped jeans are not suitable for work? Or think you’re too old to keep up? If you don’t like wearing the best ripped jeans, for whatever reason, Todd Snyder’s straight leg cut jeans are the perfect style to get you started.

  With a cut at the ankle and a slight crease near the pocket, these jeans have the easy feel of the best ripped jeans without any tears or holes. If you don’t want to show your skin, these battered jeans are a plain but fun option for you.

  | | material: 100% cotton colors available: blue size available: 28-36 | fit: straight seam in | : 30-34″



  Whether you own a Harley or have a regularly seedy nightlife, these skinny paneled jeans will satisfy your motorcycle aesthetic, if that’s your thing. And they’re applicable in more situations than you might think. Bars, concerts, museums, there are so many choices.

  The juxtaposition of severely ripped and painful knees with cotton panels creates a unique dimension that no other best ripped jeans can emulate. Don’t feel pressured to just wear a motorcycle jacket, though. They are a statement in themselves. Pair them with minimal tops and basic white sneakers for a sophisticated look. If you’re going to a nightclub, silver jewelry is a plus.  

  Fabric: 92% cotton, 6% elastic | color optional: black, blue | size optional: 28 to 38: | fit within the thin | sewing: 33″

  The ideal ripped summer jeans do exist. Look no further than Rag & Bone’s Fit 1 Harper jeans. Don’t let your slim figure fool you. The stretchy fabric allows your legs to bend without feeling like you’re wearing a straight jacket.

  Shallow water wash denim fabric makes you look cold, perfect for a walk on the boardwalk or brunch on the patio. Everyone online seems to think that a clean white T-shirt and clean sneakers are a sure-fire choice for these jeans. But if you want to look taller, wear loafers and a relaxed button-up shirt.

  Material: 92% cotton, 6% Eme, 2% elastic | colors available: blue | size available: 28 to 38 | fit: thin | inside seam: 32″


  Although they all look the same, there are different types of tears. The most common is an incision (usually in the knee area) that looks like it was cut with a knife – you will show the most skin. Another popular style is scrap cloth with threads hanging from it – this feels more retro and trashy. For starters, it’s best if jeans are all in light colors — they’re plain and easy to design.

  As with all types of jeans, fit is very important when buying the best pair of ripped jeans. It’s safe to choose jeans that are in a similar silhouette to your normal jeans because they fit well. Just keep in mind that the best ripped jeans (especially those with large cuts) give you a little more space around your knees than regular ripped jeans. But maintain a normal waist circumference unless otherwise stated.

  The color of the best ripped jeans is everything. Dark denim is easier to pair with a blazer or a nice pair of boots, even if they’re shabby. Light water wash and white denim are the go-to jeans for spring and summer leisure activities. And then grey and black, which are necessary, gentlemen.