The 25 Best Men’s cardigans for 2023: trendy knitwear that makes every part of your outfit cooler

The 25 Best Men’s cardigans for 2023: trendy knitwear that makes every part of your outfit cooler

The best men’s cardigan has enduring appeal. One factor that Arnold Palmer, Kurt Cobain and the young mob all agree on? Cardigans are so cool. Grab a tight knit cardigan and it will transform the formerly boring swimsuit into your neatest three-piece suit. Throw a huge, eerie pattern and you’re also instantly vibrating out of the masculine level of chill.

There are tons of options, from under $100 to needing a little extra capital, to have a cardigan with your title on it. Maybe you’re still using the minimalist trend, and this is a good option to lean toward steady hues and funky textures made from cotton, merino wool and buttery cashmere that won’t overpower your understated vibe. However, if you happen to be looking for your match to be as loud as your character, then there are many pattern choices that won’t hold again.

Regardless of where you fall between these two extremes, the most effective cardigan will make whatever you wear — whether it’s a graphic tee and Dickie shoes, or a slim turtleneck and pants — really feel a little extra thoughtful, demure and simply cool. This can help you achieve a higher level of fit, and we’ve assembled a roster full of winners – the perfect men’s cardigan, thank you very much – to wear from now until the very end.

Francesco Risso’s imaginative and prescient outfit for Marni couldn’t be more telling than the model’s consistently brilliant knitwear, a fixture in the NBA’s tunnel and standout game photos because the designer put them out. While it conjure up images of 90s grunge ICONS, its Italian-made pedigree is best suited for a trendy night out rather than a rave ballroom (however, if you happen to be determined to wear a white T-shirt and your best hanging-in-a-lifetime ripped jeans, we definitely won’t leave it to you). If you need a comfortable cardigan because it looks just like one and still gets you nods from those in heels on the road, then this fuzzy mohair is for you.

Few items of clothing in the # Menswear 1.0 era say as much about your commitment to quality fabric as chunky cape-neck cardigans (and the abundance of fur-hemmed denim that goes with them). So if the mere sight of Drake’s stocky wool couture has you desperately trying to suppress a photo of Steve McQueen, chill: More than a decade after Tumblr’s heyday, This cardigan still seems to belong to the menswear Mount Rushmore. Of course, this ribbed opulent costs as much as some coats, however, it is one of the few cardigans where you can guess that different types of loops will remain preferred in your rotation.

We’re not sure when the worst sweaters on the market started to feel like your aunt’s isolation knitting task, but we’re not complaining. Hall’s cardigans are handmade in Peru, using high-quality cotton, and shown in the samples are the kind of classic blanket you’ll be so impressed with that you’ll squat in them during a vacation visit to your aunt’s house. If you’re looking for a sweater that provides the comfort of a home-cooked meal with the swaddling power of a battered family Afghan sweater, this is the one to go after.

We can be the fashionista’s bible, which means plenty of funky collocation concepts abound, but we always lag behind the simple, tried-and-true pieces that provide inspiration for any wardrobe. If you want a basic delivery of performance and type, Everlane comes again and again. This model’s sweat-free cardi doesn’t look like a simple guess – the yarn (a mixture of cotton and COOLMAX polyester) has been specially designed to keep the air circulating so you can stay cool, calm and (sartionally) collected. Ribbed knitting also provides a pleasant touch of texture that layers well into a simple white T-shirt or allows for an extra lift in a dress shirt. Not every pretty little thing has to be delicate, let this cardigan remind you of that.

We love all kinds of cardigans – alpaca, cashmere, mohair, for God’s sake! However, there’s nothing quite like casual and comfortable fleece. J.Crew is made of the same material because the model’s quality sweatshirt, except unlike most sweatshirts, you can wear it to work over a crisp Oxford shirt. Just want to put it on while you’re guzzling “House of Dragons” for ten hours straight? Cool: These could be the most stylish ten hours you’ll ever spend on the couch.

Remember we advised you that the beam plus must be on your radar? This cardigan is why. It’s an ideal distillation of classic American culture, filtered through the prism of Japan’s response to J.Crew. In other words, it’s a vintage cardigan that looks like the kind of sweater a Sixties singer would wear to sing blues in a smoky jazz bar – however, as an alternative to rummaging through a classic bin for similar styles, you should buy one from your phone to avoid cigarette burns.

Typically, you don’t want your cardigan to be hot enough that your coat is interchangeable, or loud enough to be the focal point of your race. More often than not, you just want a fresh, quiet backdrop, something that matches your suit jacket and won’t make you sweat in the workplace. This is the guy from Landsfield. It’s made of premium cotton, available in four pleasing even shades, and for another $8 you can be completely ready and get its letters.

A simple cardigan with a steady tone is not ridiculous at all – see the example above! However, you don’t need to take simvastatin like Grandpa anymore. The phrase “classic and twist” may be overused and meaningless on the planet of men’s fashion, but it actually sums up Todd Snyder’s very approachable appeal. Practical example: The model’s cotton and hemp jacket, which has an ethereal feel, is gentle enough to make the most of its layering potential, but can even be used as a stand-alone coat on a cold spring morning or as a trendy mid-layer on a sudden snowy mid-June day (hey, you never knew it).