The right combination of jeans and shoes

The right combination of jeans and shoes

  Stitch Fix men's white, Burgundy and black sneakers topped with folded dark-wash jeans.

  Read on to find out how to solve the jeans and shoes conundrum.

  Check out these tips:

  What’s the occasion? Start by choosing whether you need formal or casual clothes.
Find a place where you really fit in. There is one size, style, and wash that is best for you — and for your occasion.
Learn how to cuff jeans. It’s a trend that anyone can ride easily.
Pair them with formal or casual style shoes.

Then watch our video to find out what shoes go well with your pants.

  Start by considering the scenario. Do you want to dress up or casual? Each occasion requires a specific choice of clothing, so let’s think about how to make that decision.

  Stitch Fix men's suits feature flannel shirts, olive jeans and mustard sneakers.

  Casual doesn’t mean careless — aim high, even if you’re understated on the outside. Any wardrobe element should complement each other, even if it’s casual. You’d never pair patent leather Oxfords with faded ripped jeans, would you? (OK?) Right.

  Stitch Fix Men's suit with gray pullover sweater, black and white plaid shirt, black jeans and black boots.

  From casual workplaces to night towns, semi-formal attire is appropriate for most everyday situations. To give your jeans a classy look, simply wear a collared shirt or sweater with loafers, boat shoes, boots, or even clean white sneakers. For those slightly prettier occasions, you can tuck your shirt in for a more angular look.

  Stitch Fix Men's outfit: Navy blazer with white plaid shirt, brown jeans and cognac boots.

  Where are you going? Time for a lift, but put down your winklepicker – is that a monocle? All you need is a pair of dark-washed jeans with leather or suede shoes for a dressier look. They are the perfect base for collared shirts and suit jackets.

  Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be daunting, but do it gradually. First, you need your inseam. Then find what suits you, find what suits you, and if you’re ready, go on a handcuffing adventure or two. (We recommend two.)

  Straight, slim, thin. Pre-world War II nickname or jeans style? If you’re confused, put on some pants. Most jeans are categorized by "fit" and "leg" styles. Different brands use different terms, but here are some common ones:

  Slimming is usually tapered at the waist, with a low to medium rise. This applies to more solemn occasions.
A regular (or classic) fit is one that is cut at the waist, with the thighs and legs straight. There are many styles of this hairstyle to suit all body types.
Baggy jeans are usually high waisted and wide at the thighs and legs, making them suitable for athletic men and athletic men.
Baggy jeans are usually low at the waist and loose at the hips and thighs.
Skinny jeans usually have a low waist height and long thighs and legs. Best for slim men.
Straight leg jeans simply mean that the hips, thighs and legs are straight.
Boot-cut jeans have a leg wide enough to fit snugly over the boot. (Figure).

No matter what kind of shoes you choose, here’s a rule of thumb: Respect your inseam to avoid "piling up" around your ankles. If this happens, go a size shorter (or go to a tailor). Also, for specific occasions, wear tapered clothing. Don’t pair baggy jeans with dress shoes. Forever.

  Accessorize with a T-shirt or an unpleated collared shirt to keep you looking casual and ready for competition.

  But if you want to look chic, skip the shabby or super-faded details. Only Jon Bon Jovi can wear sports shredded pants for free at cocktail parties. For the rest of us, go for darker colors: blue, dark gray or black.

  As Jim Carrey put it in the 1994 movie "the Mask" : "It’s shoe time! (That’s what we think he said.) Picking the right shoes doesn’t have to be an ordeal. A few well-chosen styles can go a long way.

  Juka shoes, work boots, cowboy boots

  It’s time to channel your inner lumberjack. Boots and jeans are rugged and sophisticated, so pairing them together is a natural fit. Try to find a pair of jeans that are slimming but not too tight. Skinny jeans can look out of proportion with oversized shoes.

  Boots can be worn with any washed clothes – they can be worn with darker clothes, or with faded or worn out styles. Juka and cargo boots both look good with rolled up sleeves, and if you’re the type who likes cowboy boots, opt for boot-cut jeans so they sit over the boot.

  Sports shoes, casual shoes and boat shoes

  Sneakers may seem casual, but they’re not your only option. Lace-up boots or Chelsea boots will add some "grown man" street cred to your outfit.

  If you choose a worn or faded denim, make it the centerpiece of your outfit. Keep it simple and opt for a pair of edgy shoes or bright white or black classic Chucks. For example, boat shoes or sleek leather juka shoes may not be appropriate now. Pair it with your favorite solid color denim.

  Men's tan Oxfords.


  Loafers, Oxfords and other dress shoes

  Your picture. Imagine you’re wearing a pair of tapered, slim-fitting dark wash jeans. You look great. That means you’ll need an equally nice pair of leather shoes to get the job done.

  Make sure your pants are just above your shoes — don’t let the hem drag to the floor. A delicate cuff is a great way to show off secret socks — if you’re into that kind of thing. (We).

  Monk straps, brogues, tassels

  As the saying goes, fashion favors the bold. (Or something like that.) If you’re the type of person who always wants to stand out from the crowd and look fresh, then this is the style for you.

  Pair jeans with monk straps, brogues, or tassel loafers for a look that will definitely turn heads.

  Regular toe, full cut, any patent will do

  Like Bob Dylan’s famous song "The Times They A-Changin ‘," it’s time to break the mold of black dress shoes. Just because you have black formal shoes doesn’t mean you have to save them for your suit or tuxedo.

  But, like all formal wear options, you want to make sure to wear a slim-fitting piece in a dark color, even black.

  There you have it – the definitive guide on how to wear shoes with jeans. That’s not too bad, is it? Now get out there and confidently wear jeans for any occasion, from casual to formal. Keep in mind that light-colored jeans are more casual, while slim dark jeans are better for dressed-up environments — and from there, you can customize your shoes to suit your own unique style.