10 Ways to Improve Your skincare knowledge

  Face & Body with medesaesthetics Virtual will run May 23-26, 2021, offering a variety of advanced education and product knowledge lectures for medical aesthetics and skin care specialists. These sessions will include live Q&As on the day of the event and will also be available on demand for 90 days following the conference. Upgrade your skincare knowledge and discover new treatments and retail opportunities in the process.

  Out of the Shadows: An Evidence-based Approach to Diagnosis and Management of melasma with Mona Sadeghpour, MD, 25 May 2021, 11:00am – 12:00pm

  Melasma remains difficult to treat. A variety of treatment modalities have been proposed, but the treatment algorithms are irregular and often associated with disease recurrence or complications. This course will describe how to identify clinical features that distinguish melasma from other facial pigment disorders, develop an evidence-based management and treatment algorithm for melasma, and understand and utilize the latest therapeutic breakthroughs in melasma treatment, including medical and laser treatments.

  Dr. Sadeghpour is a board-certified dermatologist and co-founder of the Lone Tree SkinMed Institute in Colorado. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Texas at Dallas and received her medical degree from Yale University School of Medicine. After serving as chief resident at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Dr. Sadeghpour completed an American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) accredited Fellowship in laser and Cosmetic Surgery at a renowned skin care practitioner in Boston, MA. She most recently served as Director of the Center for Dermatology, Laser, and Cosmetic Surgery at the University of Colorado, where she led and created an innovative educational program to train physicians in laser and cosmetic dermatology.

  Acne Treatment Stumbling blocks: Top Aesthetician Questions posed by Mark Lees, 23 May 2021, 3:15-4:15 PM

  Join acne product developer, longtime skin therapist and author Dr. Mark Lees as he answers the top acne treatment questions he gets from estheticians around the world. In this special talk, Dr. Lees will share the common omissions in acne treatment that can make the difference between success and failure. See actual case studies and learn important factors to keep in mind when treating acne and problem skin. Dr. Lees will discuss: The four main factors of acne that you must always keep in mind to treat acne, acne breakout triggers: acne ingredients, inflammation, food triggers, etc., and how to coordinate cosmetic treatments with medications for acne.

  Mark Lees, PhD, MS, is an award-winning speaker, clinical skin therapist and product developer of Mark Lees Skincare, focusing on acne, Sensitive and aging skin, as well as the author of Skin Care: Beyond the Basics, The Skin Care Answer Book, and Cleansing Concepts: A Guide to Acne Treatment.

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  Farmhouse Fresh: Let’s reboot! Illuminating Fruit Face Glow Demonstration, Brittany Mason, 24 May 2021, 10:00-10:25 am

  Farm Fresh, the leader in farm-to-table spa treatments, grows organic extracts and makes award-winning skin care products at its Hilltop Ranch in McKinney, Texas. Join Brittany Mason as she delves into the farm-fresh face collection and demonstrates one of the newest products, the Illuminated Fruit-Brightening Fruit Acid Peeling Mask, while learning about our exclusive partner spa benefits, And reveal the all-site spending pass you can use at FarmHouseFreshGoods.com.

  Brittany Mason is a regional trainer and educator for Farmhouse Fresh. She also hosts live shows for the brand on social media. Brittany has been a licensed beautician and certified laser technician for 6 years. Brittany is a solo spa operator herself, and her extensive training and continuing education in all aspects of the industry keeps her abreast of the latest trends. She loves the science behind the ingredients and their benefits for skin, as well as sharing her knowledge and learning from others in the industry.

  Institut DERMed Clinical Skincare: First Chemical peels for skin Transformation with Lyn Ross, L.M.E., 26 May 2021, 10:00-10:25 AM

  Help your customers’ skin recover completely with the simplest and most effective TCA peel on the market today. Join Lyn Ross L.M.E., founder of Institut ‘DERMed Clinical Skincare, as she unveils the new TCA+ cream skin, composed of trichloroacetic acid, Mandelic acid and niacinamide, for superior exfoliation, reducing stubborn wrinkles, dark spots and acne scars on the face and body.

  Lynn Rose, L.M.E., is founder and CEO of Institut ‘DERMed’s School of Clinical Skincare, Medical Spa, and Advanced Aesthetics. Lynn is a certified beauty master with over 40 years of experience in the aesthetic field. Throughout her career, Lyn has continued to make an impact on the medspa industry through her clinical skincare line, her training in digital and hands-on advanced aesthetic skills and her coaching experience in the successful spa business.

  Viktoria De’Ann Bioactive Peptides: Mastering the first 3 Skin Treatments with Mark Viktora, 24 May 2021, 10:30-10:55 a.m

  By understanding the link between peptides and the skin’s ability to regenerate naturally to improve the effectiveness of treatment. This course will teach you how to master the science and techniques to improve treatment outcomes using peptides and patterns. Learn from Mark Viktora, President of Viktoria DEAnn, how peptides, professional treatments and home care can provide life-changing skin modifications.

  Mark Viktora holds degrees in biochemistry and biology. In 2005, Mark started working on drug peptides at his father’s company, and his natural innovative nature extended to his work as a biochemist. At the time, his work focused on growth hormone therapy, potential treatments for autism, and peptides targeting cancer. During this time Mark discovered a number of new peptides, some of which involved drug molecules that had compelling therapeutic effects on the skin. Mark took a closer look at those patented drug treatments. Recognizing their therapeutic benefits and results, Mark decided to use this innovative technology in Victoria DEAnn cosmeceuticals. His initial discoveries revealed many unique active substances that support the health, repair and rejuvenation of skin cells. From these compounds, Mark has developed powerful formulations that penetrate deep into the skin in a safe and effective manner.

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  PCA SKIN: 5 “Must-have” Orthotics to work with Dawn Ahearn, May 26, 2021, 12:30-12:55 p.m

  Some things work better when combined, and in this immersive webcast, we’ll explore five “must-have” corrections for PCA SKIN to get the best patient results. Featuring award-winning hyaluronic acid booster serums and their powerful antioxidant and retinol treatments, PCA SKIN experts will discuss the science behind these advanced formulations and share clinical data to help support your sales efforts and patient adoption. As an added bonus, you’ll get an early look at PCA SKIN’s latest anti-aging correction products, which launched in June this year.

  Dawn joined PCA SKIN in 2009 as a business development consultant and her desire to be involved in all aspects of her client’s practice led her to become a certified specialist and eventually promoted to educator in 2012. Before joining PCA SKIN, she worked for a plastic surgeon for two years and eventually opened her own private practice. While researching different skin care lines, what impressed her most was PCA skin’s vision, treatment philosophy and support. Dawn is keen to share her experiences with all of her students and is able to tailor her curriculum to suit each practice and the individual needs of their patients.

  Corium Corrects 360: Transform skin to a new level of health with Terri McConnell on May 24, 2021 at 1:30-2:20 PM with Corium Corrects 360°

  Find out why Corium Corrects 360° is the absolute gold standard for corrective skin care in the beauty industry! In this 50 minute video, we’ll cover: The story of Corium 360° Corrective products, a product overview, and before and after photos of real effects, our Star treatment demo, Opti Surface Repair Complex and our Face Wash product demo.

  Terry McConnell is an aesthetics educator and mentor. She has focused her entire career on corrective skin care, while also helping other cosmetologists who want to do the same. Seeing the need for better education, effective skin care and treatments that actually work, Terri launched the Corium 360° Correction. Terri’s goal is to firmly bring honesty and integrity to the aesthetic industry and set the gold standard in education.

  Oncology Spa Solutions: Restorative Skin Care by Becky Kuehn, May 26, 2021, 3:30-3:55 p.m

  We know how health, stress, diet, anxiety, and self-care (or lack thereof) can affect the appearance and function of our skin. Now let’s add another year of quarantines, masks, Netflix rampages and snacks, and it’s no wonder our customers are crying out for our expertise and access. Let’s take a look at how to easily help our customers restore the natural health and beauty of their skin. We’ll discuss ingredients, services, tools, self-care, and end with a facial demonstration.

  Becky Kuehn, inspirational founder of oncology spa solutions and author of Life-Changing aesthetics, SPOT ON (Spa Professionals Oncology Trained) is the founder and current president. Her mission is to educate spas, salons and medical professionals on how to remedy the devastating side effects of cancer treatment. She is the chief, primary educator and liaison for trained estheticians in holistic and oncology, working in treatment centers within hospitals or with oncology teams.

  Bioelements Professional Skin Care: Teresa Stanzel and Debbie Jones will share How to Be a Radiant Mentor on May 24, 2021 from 2:30-2:55pm

  Indeed, an enviable skin glow comes from excellent skin care – not glittery makeup! Join this advanced webcast to learn new shine rules tailored to specific skin issues brought on by the pandemic — and learn how to repair barriers, exfoliate, hydrate and customize all the factors that provide the severe skin shine your customers want.

  Teresa Stenzel has been a member of the aesthetics team at Bioelements since 1993. She helps develop new facial and body treatment techniques, as well as a new curriculum for Bioelements, ensuring that skin care professionals receive the education they need to provide optimal skin care advice and professional treatments. Debbie Jones is regional education and business manager for Bioelements Professional Skin Care. For the past 13 years, she has worked with consumers in schools, salons, distributors and the skincare industry, focusing on providing comprehensive continuing education, providing quality customer service, how to build their retail sales and improve customer retention.

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  Face Reality Skin Care :5 Tips for Treating Fungal Acne with Alex Hernandez, 26 May 2021, 2:30-2:55 PM

  As skin care professionals, we know that not all pimples are created equal. With “fungal acne” becoming a hot topic in the industry, it’s our job to know the difference. But how can you determine which ones are fungal acne and which aren’t? Join acne expert Alex Hernandez to learn how to identify, prevent and treat fungal acne in and out of treatment indoor and outdoor with our best secret ingredients and lifestyle tips.

  Alex Hernandez is a licensed esthetician, clinic manager, and lead educator at the Face Reality Acne Clinic in SAN Leandro, California. Alex is passionate about results skincare, training with renowned acne expert Laura Cooksey, owner and co-founder of Face Reality skincare. Alex continues to practice and develop acne-focused treatment options to help cosmetologists and acne clients make clear skin possible!