40+ Camping Essentials for your next adventure

   It’s time to get out your camping list and start packing the car. We’re off the beaten track. As the weather warms and we are allowed to travel again, the first thing many keen adventurers think about is their next camping trip. If you love the outdoors, you know the beauty of camping. You will also know that without the right camping gear, the trip is not a success. Here, we’ve put together a list of camping gear and accessories for your next outdoor adventure.

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 First of all, it’s important to make a list when you’re packing for a trip. We’ve gathered the essentials every camper needs to make sure their trip runs smoothly. In case something goes wrong, you have the best equipment by your side. Here are the key items on the camping list:


 Sleeping bag



 Camp chair

 Camp table


 A tarp or canopy


 Camp stove and fuel


 POTS, pans and spoons

 Frying pan


 Bottle opener

 Plates and bowls

 Mugs and cups

 Cutting board


 Water bottle

 This package

 Dish washing detergent

 Disk sponge

 Tea towel





 Waterproof suit



 Toilet paper

 Toothbrush and toothpaste




 First aid kit

 Insect repellent

 Once you have your basic camping checklist, it’s time to update your gear. From cooking and essentials to sleeping and entertaining, this list of camping gear will make your next trip run smoothly.

   1. Oztent Gibson four-fold Chair

 If you’re an avid camper, a quality camping chair is a top priority, and this chair from Oztent is one of the best camping gear you can get. The chair is comfortable, with a headrest and adjustable waist support. There’s even an insulated drink holder to keep your drinks cool!

 2. FastAid Modular Survival Kit First Aid Kit

 First aid while camping is Paramount, and with this FastAid survival kit, you won’t feel caught off guard. This bag contains all the first aid essentials you’ll need, such as aloe vera gel, burn treatment, hand sanitizer, and a compass.

 3.Ledlenser H7R core headlight

 When shopping for headlights, you need to make sure you’re buying durable, powerful lamps, like this one from Ledlenser. The headlamp uses advanced technology to dim a wide, floodlit beam into a sharply focused, distant beam. It can also be rotated, making it a reliable multi-purpose portable lamp.

 4. Thermacell mosquito repellent

 There’s nothing worse than annoying mosquitoes buzzing around you and ruining the peace of your camping trip, and this repellent could make that problem a thing of the past. The repellent creates a 4.5-x 4.5m bug-free zone on a mat for up to four hours. Easy to use and ideal for summer camping trips in Australia.

   5. Leatherman has multiple knives

 Camping is all about packing the bare minimum, which means multi-purpose items are essential, and the Leatherman Multi-tool is by far one of the best camping gear you’ll need. The Leatherman Signal 19 in 1 Multitool combines traditional functional tools with a few additional features, such as a shaped diamond coated knife sharpener for blade maintenance, a Ferro stick to start a fire, and an emergency whistle.

 6. 4Tech Waterproof lighter

 Building a fire is essential when camping, so this waterproof lighter is your lifesaver. 4Tech Rechargeable Arc Lighter and Led flashlight never need refueling, windproof, waterproof and shockproof. Long battery life means you don’t have to worry about the fire drying out on your next camping trip.

 7. YETI Pioneer Camping Chair

 The best part about camping is sitting around the campfire for hours on end, talking and making memories. Making sure you have a comfortable camping chair like the YETI is vital. It’s comfortable and includes a tote bag, which means it’s portable!

 8. CRKT Onion Bona fide Field Strip knife

 One of the best camping gear you’ll need for future camping trips is a good quality knife. A Bona Fide knife like this will last you years, and it looks good — black 1.4116 stainless steel blade with an outsized green aluminum handle. Convenient, reliable and practical, you can’t go wrong.

   9. Timberlite igniter

 If you’re new to camping and not the most skilled igniter, you might want to consider this one from Timberline. The easily lit blocks can burn for ten minutes and are safe without toxic fumes. There are 144 cells in a box, so you will have a fire on many of your next trips.

 10. Pop-up trash cans

 We all know how quickly trash can pile up at campsites, so a pop-up trash can is one of the best camping gear you can get. The bin is spring-loaded, easy to use and very light, which means you can easily transport it around the campsite. It’s also easy to pack when needed.

 11. 40% camper van for the homeless

 The Rover Four Folding Camper van is a camping must-have. The car boasts a compact design and detachable wheels, making it the most practical and easiest way to push your camping gear. This car is sure to make your next camping trip smooth sailing.

 12. The Homeless Express gazebo

 A sturdy gazebo is one of the best camping gear accessories you can get, like this one from Wanderer. With a sturdy frame and canopy with UPF50+ sun protection, the gazebo does its job and is easy to set up. It has a tote bag on wheels for easy transportation.

   13. Engel Series 2 Smart battery case

 Engel’s battery case really does it all in one — a powerful battery charger, a portable power source, a dual-battery system and a battery management system. You can also charge multiple devices at once. Investing in this battery case will ensure that you don’t have to worry about going completely off the grid and without power.

 14. Dometic CFX3 95DZ Compressor Refrigerator Freezer

 Keeping food and drink cool while camping is essential and shouldn’t be a hard job. This compressor refrigerator freezer makes mobile life easy due to its compact size and the fact that it can be powered by AC, DC or solar energy. You can also track its energy consumption so you can keep an eye on the environment at the same time.

 15. Portable Toilet Qube 365

 A sanitary bathroom solution for when camping off the grid, the Porta Potti Qube is the dream of every camper who likes a little biological comfort. The device can be used for up to five days before the tank needs to be emptied, and is easy to remove and convenient when handling its contents. The more high-maintenance campers among us no longer have anything to complain about!

 16. 3 LED Bulb tent lights

 Getting a quality tent light is essential for LIT camping trips – no pun intended! This free-hanging LED light is perfect for hanging inside a tent, providing plenty of light for small camping. This lamp is also very affordable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

   17. Homeless Steel Folding Table

 Whether you’re eating delicious meals or playing cards, this folding table will serve you countless times over the years! The table includes an MDF melamine-finished table top and powder-coated steel tube frame for extreme durability. It is foldable, ensuring compact storage, ideal for camping.

 18. Oztrail Tent hooks

 The Oztrail tent pegs are a must have, it is one of the best camping gear available for a small investment. It’s always a good idea to have a few lightweight tent hooks handy, like this one. They are made of steel and can be used in dirt or clay to keep your tent upright.

 19. Dometic PLB40 lithium battery Pack

 This battery pack is one of the best camping gear essentials for serious campers. It’s light and portable, with 40 hours of battery life on a single charge. If you find you’re often on the road, you’re in luck because you can charge with a 12V car outlet, solar panel or AC.

 20. Rover Multifunctional USB light

 There’s nothing worse than a dark and dreary campsite, but this light will ensure that never happens. The lantern has six different lighting modes and can run for 45 hours on the lowest power setting. You don’t have to worry about this lantern breaking either, as it has a rubber coating on top and bottom.

   21. Camping shower with 12V high capacity

 No need to skip a shower on your next camping trip with Companion’s camping shower. It guarantees that you’ll come out feeling clean and fresh, and the strong current is almost like a real shower. The showerheads even come in different Settings – massage, spray or shower – and are basically luxurious!

 22. Coleman Instant Hut Tent

 Coleman’s four-person Instant log Cabin tent makes setting up camp a breeze. All you have to do is unfold, stretch and secure – it takes less than a minute to assemble the tent, which means you can focus on the fun stuff! The tent is spacious, with plenty of room for a queen-size air mattress.

 23. Tramp Sleeping bag

 Finding a good quality sleeping bag that is warm and comfortable can be a struggle, but with Wanderer you don’t have to look that hard anymore. It comes with a hood that can be pulled tight to keep every bit of heat sealed. It’s also great for summer – you can unzip the lower part of your sleeping bag to keep you cool. It’s big and beautiful, which means there’s plenty of room for you to roll over!

 24. Nomad Manor Yurt 12 people

 If you are camping as a family or in a large group, then a tent for 12 people is essential. Tent Mansion, the Nomad Manor Yurt can accommodate up to 12 people, offers UPF 50+ sun protection, and has a 3000mm water head rating to protect you from the sun and rain. It’s durable and bulky, making it ideal for your next big camping trip.

   25. Homeless Double High Quality Air Bed

 The Wanderer’s air bed is undoubtedly one of the best camping gear for a good night’s sleep, offering the ultimate in comfort when it comes to bedding. Made from durable heavy duty PVC, this luxury air cushion is covered in beeswax for a dreamy and comfortable feel. Who says camping means sleeping rough?

 26. XTM 4 x 4 double Swag

 If you prefer this big bag, how about this big bag from XTM? It is easy to pack and is made of thick poly-cotton canvas to protect it from rain and moisture. Best of all, these gifts also come with a foam mattress for a dream night.

 27. XTM 200w Folding Solar Blanket

 If you haven’t heard of solar blankets, you’re missing out on an ideal way to get power while traveling light. XTM’s folding solar blanket is constructed from monocrystalline silicon panels, which are space-efficient and have a long life. You can leave the blanket anywhere, and it comes with an easy-to-carry bag for easy carrying.

 28. XTM Roof Tent

 Rooftop tent or penthouse suite? It could be an XTM roof tent! It’s easy to install, pack down, and very durable, with an aluminum frame and stainless steel hinges. It’s really a multi-purpose tent with everything you need, like a mattress, ladder, and even binoculars!

   29. Gozney rocccbox Pizza Oven

 There’s nothing better than a good pizza for dinner while camping, and Gozny kept that in mind when he designed the pizza oven. Restaurant grade portable pizza oven is ideal for camping, quick and easy. You can make a Margherita pizza in 60 seconds, so all you need to do is sit back and relax!

 30.Deltalight Dinnerware Set

 This set of cutlery is one of the best camping gear for dining. The set, which serves two people, includes bowls, insulated mugs and cutlery. It has a storage bag and can be safely placed in the microwave or dishwasher.

 31. BioLite Camping Stove

 A quality camping stove can provide delicious food and a comfortable camping experience. The BioLite Camping stove is a practical cookware that produces a smokeless flame that is just as powerful as a regular stove. The stove also converts heat into usable electricity, and USB ports allow you to charge your electronics while you cook!

 32. Engel Soft cooler

 Having a fancy cooler for your beer and various other cold drinks is almost as important as the tent itself! Engel 30L Premium Soft Cooler holds 48 x 375ml cans and can stay cold for several days. Its rugged appearance means it can handle the roughest bumps and falls while keeping your drink safe!

   33. Snowman Ice

 Yeti Ice is the smartest ice pack you can find. Ice packs are designed to retain the maximum amount of ice from any cooler, have a durable design and are also shatter-resistant. You can use it as an ice substitute, or you can add it to your ice cubes to ensure your contents stay cold longer.

 34. Snowman Tundra 35 Cool

 The YETI Tundra 35 is a portable cooler with a difference and is a prized item at any campsite. This cooler has 3 inches of permafrost insulation to keep your ice as cold as possible. This fridge is small enough to carry around, but big enough to hold all your beer.

 35. MiiR 12 oz Insulated Camping Mug

 Insulated camping cups are another essential camping item, and this one from MiiR is one of the best. There’s nothing worse than pouring yourself a hot drink and getting your hand burned by the cup – but you’ll never have to worry about burning your hand again with this Thermo 3D double-layer vacuum insulation device. Enjoy your drink in pure comfort, one sip at a time.

 36. Stanley Base Camp Chef Set

 This kitchenware set will make you feel like you’re in a proper kitchen with all the essentials you need to cook a storm. The set includes 19 items for preparation, cooking and cleaning and fits into a pot for easy storage.

   37. Camper butane combination Stove

 Sometimes you have to pay a premium price for a quality stove, like this combo stove by Campmaster. The stove has a cast alloy burner and a stainless steel flat-band burner for easy cooking. It is also extremely safe with a patented two-stage safety shut-off device that includes overpressure gas shut-off and overpressure tank ejection shut-off.

   38. Cloudventure Waterproof Shoes

 Lightweight and stylish, these waterproof shoes are every camper’s dream come true. You never know what weather to expect on your camping trip, and having a good pair of shoes is essential. The shoes are 100% waterproof trail running shoes with extreme cushioning and grip. With these shoes, you can run on any track!

 39. An explosion of long-sleeved hiking shirts

 We all know the Australian sun can be relentless, so this long-sleeved OUTRAK hiking shirt is one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make. It will keep you fully covered, offers UPF50+ protection, and is made of lightweight materials to keep you cool.

 40. Patagonia Torrentshell 3L Jacket

 One of the best camping essentials is a versatile jacket, like this one by Patagonia. This jacket is a reliable rain-proof case that you can carry in your own pocket for easy storage. It is also waterproof and lightweight, suitable for any occasion and any weather.

   41. The SAN ROCK U52 drone

 You’re bound to encounter some spectacular scenes during your camping trip, some of which you can’t pass up the opportunity to capture on film or photos. With this incredible drone, you will be able to capture an environment of unparalleled beauty. It’s easy to control, safe to fly, and fun!

 42. Minelab Go-Find 22 Metal Detector

 Minelab hasn’t given you hours of fun with this metal detector. This handheld metal detector is easy to use and its compact design makes it easy to store. It’s easy to use, which means your kids will love it too!