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First hike? Here’s what to pack.

  Want to go deeper? External + members have access to all backpacker stories, skills, reviews, and more, plus plenty of other great perks. Sign[……]

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Hiking Essentials: What should you pack for a day hike?

   In this article, find out what we carry on our day hike. Whether you’re a new hiker, shopping for friends or family, or just curious about what hik[……]

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Get everything Ready: The best survival gear for 2022

   I’ve spent years outdoors as a climber, mountaineer, hiker and backpacker, and I’ve had my fair share of emergencies. From being out overnight unex[……]

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Backpacking List: 13 Things You’ll Need for a Hike

   Never going outside is the only guarantee against wilderness accidents. However, for outdoor enthusiasts, this is not a way of life. What’s the bes[……]

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Best Camping gear of 2023: High-tech camping gear

   Waking up in a field in the country may not be everyone’s holiday ideal, but luckily we’ve put together a list of the best camping gadgets to make[……]

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10 takeaways from the hike


  Whether you’re hiking three miles during the day or 30 miles at night, getting outdoors requires proper preparation. Conditions change. I[……]

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5 Ultimate Ways to Pack a Hiking Backpack

  Packing a hiking backpack may seem like a simple task, but it’s a necessary part of ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable hike.

  Properly packed[……]

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Best Hiking Gear 2023

   Last updated April 2023.

   An easy way to thank my free guide to make sure you use the links on this page to buy your gear. I get a small commi[……]

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